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10 tips for better on-hold telephone hold audio

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Top 10 tips for keeping your customers happy on-hold


No-one likes being kept on-hold but it’s fair to say that these days, to a certain extent, we mostly put up with it, as long as it’s done well. By that I mean we’re not left waiting in silence with no idea if anyone is coming back to us, or bombarded with aggressive loud music, or irritated by an annoying voice trying to flog us something else while we wait…


So here are 10 top tips for keeping your customers reasonably content when they are on-hold…


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Use a professional voiceover.

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Choose music or a soundscape that represents your brand rather than something you like.

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Think about your customers. Apart from reassuring them that you won’t be long… what information would actually be helpful for them to hear.

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Keep the voiced messages short and concise.

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Avoid the phrases that drive you mad when you’re on hold. Surveys have suggested that phrases along the lines of ‘your call is really important to us’ irritate customers.

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Making  your messages personal creates a connection between the company and caller. For example you could mention a staff member by their first name and their department.

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If you’re unsure of your writing abilities it’s worth paying a professional to script up your prompts / messages. Your on-hold production company will be able to help.

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Don’t be afraid of humour. If it’s  appropriate for your brand, a little light-heartedness could keep your callers amused and in a more receptive mood.

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Plan to change your on-hold messages when necessary to keep them up to date with your business.

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See No 1

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Jonathan has been producing telephone hold audio for UK businesses for over 20 years. To discuss an on-hold package for your business call 01225 470011 or contact Sounds Visual here.

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