On Hold Audio Frequently Asked Questions

OnHold Audio FAQ

Answers to some of the more frequently asked questions about telephone hold audio

How long does it take to produce an onhold package?

Once you have chosen your voice, music and signed off your script it normally takes between 2 – 4 days to produce your onhold audio package and deliver the audio file to you.  Of course if you’re in a hurry then we will do what we can to shorten the lead times.

What sort of audio files will we receive?

Normally we supply your audio package in WAV or MP3 format. However if you need it in a different format just let us know and we will convert it for you. Some BT systems and older phone systems require audio files to be in a highly compressed format:  for example, CCITT u-Law WAV 8kHz 8Bit mono. Therefore if you need files in this format we will convert them for you free of charge.

Do we need a PRS, PPL or MCPS licence to play your audio packages with music?

No. None of the music we use for onhold audio is registered with any Performance Rights Society (e.g. PRS) or any other society / licensing agency. As a result you can freely use our on-hold packages without having to purchase any PRS or similar licences. We license the use of the music direct to you and it is included in the package price.

How will our on-hold telephone audio package be recorded?
Firstly the voiceovers are recorded either at our broadcast studio in Bath using the industry standard voiceover microphone, the Neumann U87. Alternatively we can connect to the voice talent’s studio remotely by ISDN or Source Connect. Once the script has been recorded, the producer will edit out any mistakes and breaths to ensure we have a quality clean recording to work with. Then EQ, compression and other techniques are employed to produce a crystal clear pleasant sounding voiceover sound, ensuring your messages are understood by the caller.

If it’s a music and voice package then your choice of music is added and the voice prompts mixed over the music bed at suitable intervals. Finally when all the audio is balanced and mixed, the package is mastered out to an audio file ready to send to you.

I would like to have 2 voices record my onhold package – is this possible?

Yes – just contact us for a custom quote.

Do you upload the audio to our phone system?

No – we supply the audio files separately to upload / add to your telephone system. This is generally quite straight forward and we can point you in the direction of instructions for most systems.

To find out more please contact us on 01225 470011 or by emailing here

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