Explainer Videos & Training Videos

What is an explainer video..?

They can be animated or live – or sometimes a combination of the two.
In either case the idea of an explainer, is to use video to sell more products and services, train staff, guide a customer through technical software or effectively show customers how to use your products and services. Whatever you are looking for, it’s important to make sure your videos are clearly presented, easy to follow, informative and not too long…and communicate your product, service or idea quickly.

At Sounds Visual we make bespoke professional handcrafted explainer and training videos for UK British companies to showcase, highlight and promote business, specialising in technical how to videos for software developers.

Often it’s a good idea to break complicated subjects into several smaller videos, focusing on one aspect. However, with longer videos on YouTube, you can also use Chapter Markers & Time Stamps to organise things and make it easy to skip o different sections or chapters of the video. This is particularly useful when people are returning to a video just to get a reminder of a particular point.

To add timestamps & chapter markers to a YouTube video

In the description box, start off with the first marker at 0:00 (this has to be zero), and then add subsequent markers through out the video as below. (remember to add a space after the time). Save the text in the description and the timestamps will show up as active links in the description to click on. You’ll see markers in the time bar of the video.

0:00 Introduction
1:45 How to install the software
3.55 Optimise your settings
5:57 Going live
7:20 Wrap Up

The cost of a professional explainer video

For a quote please email jono@soundsvisual.com or use the contact form below.

    Animated Gifs & MP4s

    Sometimes it can be very effective to have a short animated gif to show off a product, service or the workings of your website. Whilst animated gifs used to be the go to format for this sort of thing,  it’s now usually better to create an MP4. They look better and more importantly the file sizes are much smaller and so page loads are quicker.