On-Hold Audio Licensing Terms

On-Hold Audio and On-Hold Messaging Terms and Conditions

**These terms and conditions only apply to telephone hold audio products**

Custom made and pre-recorded on-hold audio packages and recordings are licensed for use by one business or company in one location only. You are purchasing a non-exclusive licence to use the purchased recording for one business only.
They may not be re-licensed to another company, sold to a different business, amended or edited without the consent of Sounds Visual Music Ltd. You are not permitted to make a new derivative product from any purchased audio and sell / use / distribute as your own audio material.
If you wish to expand your usage to more companies/locations please contact us to arrange a custom licence.

Any music used on the pre-recorded on-hold telephony packages is not-registered with any Performance Rights Organisation or society, e.g. PRS, PPL, Ascap etc and so does not require any annual licence to use the audio on your telephone hold system.

Privacy Policy
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If you have any questions about licensing please just contact us.