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Female Voiceovers

To book a voice please use the contact details listed. If you would like Sounds Visual to produce the audio using your chosen voice then please use the contact form at the bottom of the page. We have access to hundreds of female voiceovers here in the UK and worldwide. Below is just a small selection of some of our most popular voice artists.
For more information and to organise a female voiceover recording call 01225 470011

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Kate Parker

Tel. 01380 727724
Email Kate

Victoria Riley

The trusted, natural, reassuring voice to give life and character to your brand.

Victoria Riley Voiceover

Born and raised in Lancashire in the North of England, I provide voiceovers in my distinctive characterful Northern accent or standard British RP.

Tel. 07887 725087
Email Vic

Sara Starling

Tel. 07880 887984
Email Sara

Nadine Shenton

Tel. 07850 058708
Email Nadine

Tanya Rich

Tel. 07788 747946
Email Tanya

Janine Cooper-Marshall

Tel. 07974 781785
Email Janine

Natalie Cooper

Tel. 01747 832256
Email Natalie

Michelle Horn

Tel. 07554 123034
Email Michelle

Nic Redman


Contact Sounds Visual or call 01225 470011

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