Voiceover Showreel Production

Whether you are an aspiring voiceover or an experienced performer, Sounds Visual can produce a voiceover showreel to promote and highlight the best of your voice talent.

A professionally recorded, edited and produced showreel

Jonathan Slatter has recorded, edited and produced voiceover showreels for many many voice artists over the years. He has 26 years experience working in the voiceover industry and has produced hundreds and hundreds of tv commercials and awarding winning radio ads. Jonathan produced the original voiceover showreel for Jeremy Kyle back in the 1990s which led to Jeremy getting his first presenter job in the radio industry. Sorry about that…

Showreel Production Process

You’ll work one to one with Jonathan and record selected material for your voice showreel. Or it might be that you just want to edit material that you already have – or a combination of the two. If required there are a whole rangevoiceover booth of radio, tv and corporate scripts to choose from. An extensive library of production music and FX is available to read over, or to add in the mixing session.

Voiceover recording takes place in a voiceover booth equipped with the industry standard voiceover microphone – the Neumann U87. There can be as much or little little direction and advice as you like – the idea here is to get the very best performance from your voice. In the mixing session following recording, we can utilise compression techniques, EQ, balancing and other effects like reverb and echo (where appropriate) to bring out the best of your voice.

Once your selection of voiceover recordings is mixed, then your voiceover showreel can be assembled – i.e. a running order agreed, and then finally mastered out to a file that you can take away with you.

To find out more and to work out a tailor made voiceover showreel for you please call 01225 470011 or use the contact form here.

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