Drawing Tempo Curves

Out of the box Reaper’s tempo map drawing in the master tracks is not very refined. It’s hard to add lots of control points to draw smooth tempo changes. However you can download a free set of extensions that make this a whole lot easier. https://www.sws-extension.org/

On the left the standard nodes – on the right smooth transitions with the extension

Recording Audio

Stop Delete Record – crtl+space
Whilst in record – hit ctrl+space to stop, delete the current recording, then you can immediately start recording again from where you last started

Editing Audio

Toggle Ripple on Track – T
Selected items to Time Selection – (Custom) ⇧ T
Cursor to start of time selection – (Custom) ⇧ Y
Enlarge the WAVEFORM without affecting volume – ⇧🔼

Catch playhead – '

In terns of coming from a traditional analogue desk or even Logic – adding effects like reverb by routing  or bussing a feed off the track in question to an auxillary on which is inserted a reverb plugin is slightly different but very natural once you get used to it.

My method is to create a new track and add my reverb choice – and set it up as 100% wet mix – name it – that’s important. Then go to the track you wish to add reverb to – and click on the Routing button. Then look for ‘Add New Send’ – select the reveb track you just set up and voila – all done.