Voice-Over Recording, Editing and Production Services

Voiceovers in Bath, UK

If you need a voiceover recording, editing or ‘improving’, Sounds Visual has over 25 years experience providing professional voice editing, voice processing and voice production services.

Voiceover editing
Need a voice-over edited, de-breathed, de-noised, sync’d…if it’s to do with editing and improving voiceover audio, we can help.

Voice recording
We record voiceovers in the voice booth here in Bath, as well as by ISDN, Source Connect Standard, Source Connect Now as well as via Skype and phone patch. With over 25 years of professional voice recording experience, you’re in good hands.

VO Production
We have years of experience producing voiceovers for radio, tv, gaming and online. We can provide VOs mixed with sound effects, music, jingles and any amount of production polish.

Voice Casting
Let us suggest some voiceover artists for your project, or we can provide you with details of some of the best voiceover agencies

To picture and ADR (automated dialogue replacement)
Sounds Visual studios in Bath have voice to picture and ADR facilities.

Vocal Recording Mastering
Need a VO to stand out, need a VO for on-hold audio in a special format, need a VO mastered for broadcast  – we can help.

Voice Recording Studio
Sounds Visual has a purpose built voice booth, the industry standard microphone – Neumann U87 as well as other mics including ADR mic Sennheiser MKH416, Beyer 201 & M88, SM58 and Rode NT1s. Logic Pro is the DAW of choice coupled with a wide selection of the best processing available including Izotope RX5, PSP, Soundtoys, EOS, Waves and Softube.

Hire ISDN Voice Recording Studio
The ISDN and Source Connect voice recording studio in Bath is available for hire with an engineer for remote sessions directed and recorded from anywhere in the World. Regularly used by the BBC and post production facilities around the UK as well as Warner Bros in the US. 24bit wav files available immediately after session if required. Contact Jonathan on 01225 470011 or use the contact form below. Phone patch and Skype can also be used to direct the voice artist / talent. Voice to picture and ADR facilities available.

voiceovers in bath

Voice booth at Sounds Visual

Location Recording, interviews & podcasts.
If you need a voice, interview or podcast recording away from the studio, Sounds Visual has location sound recording kit available including the Sound Devices MixPre-3 recorder and a choice of suitable professional microphones.

Say hello, book a voice or schedule a studio hire via email or call 01225 470011

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