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Recording birdsong with Audio-Technica BP4025


BP4025 Stereo Microphone & Zoom F4

This recording of a dawn chorus in Bath in April 2017 was made using Audio-Techncia’s BP4025 stereo microphone. The mic was housed in a Rode Blimp II and the audio recorded with the Zoom F4. The mic has a very smooth high quality response and a wide stereo image and seems to have a very low noise floor. It’s quite an unusual mic for it’s size considering there are 2 large diaphragm capsules inside. The way they are mounted is explained on the Audio-Technica website:

Audio-Technica‚Äôs BP4025 stereo condenser offers large-diaphragm capsules in an innovative coincident capsule configuration. This allows for a smaller housing while producing an X/Y stereo image with the spatial impact and realism of a live sound field. Audio-Technica info.

The Zoom F4 recorder and Rode Blimp II
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