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Easy free ways to edit, split and merge PDFs in Windows

Editing PDFs on a Mac is neatly taken care of with their bundled App called ‘Preview’, an incredibly usefull do-it-all image editor. With it you can easily merge multiple PDF files into one single PDF, remove unwanted pages and add text , annotations and signatures.

On Windows though, I have found it harder to find good alternatives without taking out the credit card and ‘subscribing’ to something I feel should be free. But…it is possible, and these are my ways to work easily and quickly with PDFs in Windows.

Converting image files like PNGs and JPGs to PDFs

To convert a JPEG or PNG to a ODF, just open the image in something like the Photos App that comes with Windows, hit Ctrl & P to print – and then opt for the ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’ option.

Microsoft Print to PDF to convert JPG and PNG to PDFs

Splitting Merging and Deleting Pages of PDFs

OK, so now you have your PDFs, how can you merge different PDFs – including multple page PDFs – into one continuous PDF?
One really good FREE way is to go to the Microsoft Store and download the PDF Merger and Splitter by AnywaySoft. Currently free. With this App you can remove pages from PDFs, and then use it to also stich or merge different PDFs into a single continuous PDF file.

Merge and split PDFs easily
The App – PDF Merger and Splitter

Adding Signatures to PDFs in Windows

Definitely not as easy as using Preview on Mac…
First, you will need an image file of your signature. Preferably as a PNG so it has a transparent background. Cropped down so it’s just your signature. Keep it saved somewhere safe.
If the document/file you want to add your signature to is an image file like a JPG or PNG then you can just use something like Paint 3D, which comes with Windows, and just open up your image and then drag your signature onto the it. Save or export your work and then open the newly created image, and as before print to PDF…

To add your signature to a PDF you could use something like the free GIMP Graphics App to do it.
Download GIMP
Download GIMP from Microsoft Store
Do you have any better ideas for a free way to do this?
As much as I love Canva I have had problems importing PDFs into it as blocks of text seem to get altered.

Tip! If you want to screen grab a selection of your screen, press the Windows key, Shift and ‘S’ KEYS at the same time, make your selection with Snip and Sketch and it will be auto copied to the clipboard. Click the resulting pop up and save it where you want.

snip and sketch to copy screen
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Facebook Hacked How to Fix

If you’ve had your Facebook profile hacked here are four links to look at to help you get it back.

Plus there are some helpful links here:


Ideas found on Reddit

How to run an older version of the Facebook App

How to get a professinal onhold message for your business

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Recording the wonderful voice of Sir David Suchet

It was lovely to record Sir David Suchet at Sounds Visual in Bath, narrating ‘The Pilgrims Way to Britain’s Great Cathedrals – a fascinating new three part TV series from Off the Rails Australasia, produced by Peter Beveridge – coming soon! Check out the trailer.

The Pilgrims Way To Britains Great Cathedrals from Off The Rails Australasia on Vimeo. made the process of patching in the producer from Australia to direct, a breeze. And no expensive ISDN call charges! I used a Neumann U87 microphone which seems to work very well with Sir David’s voice.

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Producing a polished professional broadcast voiceover sound using PSP Infinistrip

This video takes a quick look at how to add a bit of polish to a voiceover with the PSP Infinistrip plugin to make it sound crisper, richer and more pleasing to the ear.
Voiceover by Jono Slatter British Voiceover Original voiceover recorded dry in booth with Neumann U87 mic.

Try a demo of the PSP Infinistrip Plugin Review of Infinistrip in

Sound on Sound

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Force WiFi Calling on your Android Phone

If you have poor 3g/4g mobile network coverage in say your office – it makes sense to use WiFi calling for an uninterrupted calling experience. But how do you force your phone to use WiFi and not try and use the mobile network?

On Android:

  • Phone Settings – Call Settings – make sure WiFi calling is enabled.
  • Put phone into Airplane Mode (this will turn Wifi off)
  • Turn Wifi back on

Then just remember to turn airplane mode off before you leave the office!