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Creating An Audio Store With WooCommerce

I have been creating sites selling downloadable audio products for a number of years now – going right back to the days of software called Actinic back in the 1990s.
I have recently been playing around with WooCommerce and using an excellent plugin for creating one of those really nice searchable list views of all your audio files. The plugin is called WooCommerce Product Table from Barn2.

I have recently created the explainer video showing you how to use the plugin to create your own Audio Store, which you can see below.

So…if you need an easy way to sell audio products online, with downloadable products and embedded music players – check out the Barn2 Product Table Plugin here.

Are you looking for easy to watch, professional explainer videos for your products and services? Just contact Jonathan on or call the studio on 07738 47011.

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