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Reupholstering the voiceover booth acoustic table

The lovely old acoustic table in the voiceover booth at Sounds Visual has a bit of history. I bought it second-hand in the early 1990s after it had started out life at Wiltshire Radio which went on to become GWR FM Wiltshire and today – Heart Wiltshire.

There’s something about this Covid-19 pandemic that seems to encourage me to get on with some of theĀ  jobs I have been putting off for years – like replacing the rather disgusting cloth cover on the acoustic table.

Here it is in all its glory – admittedly it wasn’t quite this bad before I had started pulling the table out and dismantling it, but it did have some nasty 1980s style cigarette burns, a collection of coffee spills and one voice artist had decided that it was ok to scribble on the table with a biro… Well that is not ok anymore!

acoustic table old cloth
The well worn and cigarette burnt cloth on theĀ  acoustic table

I had some specialist acoustic material leftover from reupholstering the podcast round table a year ago, so we now have matching tables! Dead posh.

Acoustic table new cover
The Acoustic table back in the booth with its smart new covering
Acoustic Table Close Up
New covering on the acoustic table with Beyer DT-150 headphones

The table looks like it’s a Canford Acoustic table with its multiple layers of cloth, thick felt, hardboard and wooden base. A piece of quality acoustic furniture that’s been a part of Sounds Visual since the early days.

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