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Update for the Sound Devices MixPre-3

Location recorder
MixPre-3 Recorder from Sound Devices

The excellent MixPre-3 portable recorder from Sound Devices has a new firmware update to v1.51 with lots of fixes and improvements.


  • Date/Time settings moved to System Menu plus simplified method of entry.
  • New Project folders are now only created when the first file is recorded, preventing the SD card filling up with empty folders.
  • USB keyboard shortcut [Shift + 8] performs the * Button function. (MixPre-6 only)
    On the MixPre-10T, the Shift + 8 shortcut performs the * (left toggle) Switch function, and Ctrl + Shift + 8 performs the ** (right toggle) Switch function.


  • Activating Record is now prevented while in USB File Transfer Mode. (MixPre-10T only)
  • Improved battery type detection.
  • MixPre-3 Input Delay values now hold over power cycles.
  • Files can now be selected for playback from the File List while the MixPre is still playing back a file.
  • Cleaned up typos and incorrect messages in various popup dialog boxes.
  • Corrected three sample offset between isolated and mix track recorded files.
  • Virtual keyboard screens were not saving and exiting on the first press of the enter key.
  • Channel knob and gain range values could be wrong after changing a channel source to Aux In or switching Aux In Mode between Mic and Line.
  • Time is now updated on the Status Bar if left as the active display.
  • Rare system lock up that could occur after hours of using Camera timecode.
  • External UBits are now stamping correctly as hex values.
  • With Channel 1 set to USB1, lInking 1-4 would assign channels 1-4 as USB1, USB1, USB2, USB3 instead of USB1, USB2, USB3, USB4.
  • Multiple other system enhancements and improvements.
  • Invalid Path error messages would pop up intermittently when creating a new Project folder.
  • Audible noise on L and R Out when adjusting Stereo Out level from -21 to -40 dB.
  • Input type was incorrectly getting set to the incorrect USB Channels when Channels 1-4 are linked. (MixPre-6 only)

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