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Using Source-Connect with Logic Pro

Source-Connect is an application produced by Source-Elements to enable two studios to remotely connect over the internet, and send and receive high quality audio. It’s the replacement for ISDN lines and codecs, ¬†and due to its excellent picture sync features, like RTS – Real Time Sync – it’s the go to app for the tv & film post production industry.

Using Source-Connect as a standalone product is a breeze, but what what about if you want to use the app with Logic Pro, or for that matter any other DAW? Well that’s easy too, with a plugin called Source-Connect Link, that is automatically installed when you install the software.

source-connect link
The Source-Connect Link plugin running in Logic Pro X

To connect your Logic Pro DAW to Source Connect is just a case of using an instance of Source-Connect Link and using a few busses and auxiliaries. Below are videos produced for Source Elements showing how to do it – including one how to use RTS (Real Time Sync) in Logic Pro. And at the bottom of the page there are 2 templates for Logic – one in stereo and the other in mono.

Source-Connect Logic Pro

Source-Connect Logic Mono Template

Source-Connect Logic Stereo Template

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